Price and specifications of Iphone 6s Plus

    Price and specifications of Iphone 6s Plus
     Processor: Apple A9 dual-core 1.84 GHz
    Storage / RAM: 16/32/64/128 GB & 2 GB RAM
    Camera: 12 MB rear / 5 m front
    Screen: 5.5 inches at 1920 x 1080 resolution
    Operating System: IOS 9 renewable to IOS 10.2
    Battery: 2750 mA

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    Price and quick review of mobile

    Apple launched its iPhone 6s plus in September 2015 to invade the world markets and achieved huge sales as usual to make them compete with the most powerful brands of mobile phones in the world let us review the price and specifications of this phone.

    Specifications for iPhone 6s plus
    The phone supports 4G (4G / GSM / LTE) and supports a nano-type connection.
    Phone weight 192 grams.
    The 5.5-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD screen with 1080 * 1920 pixel resolution and 401 pixel resolution supports 16 million colors and is equipped with 3D Touch display.
    IOS 9 operating system upgradeable to IOS 10.2.
    A 1.84 GHz dual-core Intel A9 processor and a PowerVR GT7600 six-core graphics processor.
    12 megapixel camera with f / 2.2 lens, autofocus, dual LED flash and video clips of 2160p @ 30fps, 1080p @ 60fps, 1080p @ 120fps or 720p @ 240fps.
    Front camera 5 mega pixel camera lens f / 2.2.
    Internal memory is 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB and does not support external memory card.
    2 GB RAM.
    Fingerprint reader.
    A 2750 mA battery is not removable.

    Features of iPhone 6S Plus
    Full metal body.
    The 5.5-inch screen is full HD and supports 3D Touch display.
    Internal memory 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB supports 2 GB RAM.
    A 1.84 GHz Intel A9 dual-core processor and a six-core PowerVR GT7600 graphics processor make your phone very fast.
    A 12 megapixel camera and front 5 megapixel camera make it distinctive in taking silvi pictures.
    IOS 9 operating system upgradeable to IOS 10.2.
    Fingerprint reader.
    The battery is 2750 mA.

    Mobile iPhone 6s plus problems
    Heavy weight.
    Uninterruptible battery.
    The phone does not support the microSD memory card.
    NFS only supports Apple Pay.
    There is no wireless charge or infrared.
    There is no FM radio.
    The rear camera is prominent on the phone, making it easily scratched and scratched.
    The price of the phone is somewhat expensive when compared to other phones with the same specifications.
    Phone design

    The design of the phone 6s plus is one of the most important features of the phone is made entirely of aluminum metal and is characterized by elegance and modern shape and gives you a sense of the development and technology that we live in this era, once the load and the design of this phone differs from the normal version iPhone 6s has increased size and acquired a better screen Slightly

    Phone weight 192 g, phone dimensions: 158.2 * 77.9 * 7.3 mm

    The face of the phone contains a screen measuring 5.5 inches full HD down There is a key button that characterizes the phone of the iPhone, which also works here as a fingerprint reader and above the earphone is located on the left and a camera front 5 megapixel camera lens f / 2.2 with a few sensors Apple's distinctive character appears in the face of the phone and is seen by some as a flaw, as the company has never made any innovations.

    The back of the phone has a bottom to the top of the name of the phone iPhone 6s plus then the company logo famous apple and then above to the left there is a back camera next to the right of the microphone to prevent noise in calls and video recording and then binary flash.

    The right side of the phone contains the screen lock switch and the bottom of the nano connection bracket.

    The left side of the phone has a silent property key under the volume control key.

    The top of the phone is empty.

    The bottom side of the phone has a USB port on the left side and there is a microphone next to the headphone jack (3.5 jack) and on the left side is the main speaker of the phone.

    The phone comes in colors: Gold - Silver - Gray - Golden Pink

    the screen

    The iPhone 6s plus features a 5.5-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD screen with 1080 * 1920 pixels resolution and a 401 pixel resolution supporting 16 million colors and a 3D Touch display. Some people consider this screen to be disappointing, But better than the iPhone 6s screen in terms of accuracy.


    The iPhone 6s plus features a 12 megapixel camera with a f / 2.2 lens, autofocus, dual LED flash and video clips of 2160p @ 30fps, 1080p @ 60fps, 1080p @ 120fps or 720p @ 240fps. In this phone, where Apple finally abandoned the previous camera with 8 megapixel camera to come with this distinctive camera. Here's a big problem if you have a 16GB version where the size of the image is between 2 and 4 MB. The phone memory runs out quickly and Apple tried to fix this problem with Live Photo but some considered it a partial solution.

    A 5 megapixel front camera, which is also a development from the previous phone, which gives a great improvement in the quality of images, make the phone distinctive in the capture of pictures of the Silvi and while using the program Face Time.

    the performance

    The iPhone 6s plus has seen a significant development in terms of performance, featuring a completely new Apple A9 dual-core processor 1.84 GHz and a dual-core PowerVR GT7600 graphics processor, adding double RAM from the previous version, which supports 2 GB of RAM, making the phone fast and smooth at Using heavy applications and surfing the Internet.

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